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About Asynchronous Game Query Library

The Asynchronous Game Query Library (AGQL) provides a convenient way for java clients to execute asynchronous requests to various supported game servers and services . It's built on top of Netty as it's core transport engine and use AsyncHttpClient as the web transport.

Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
AGQL - Core The core library. Required for all game protocol modules.
AGQL - Examples Contains example codes demonstrating the basic usage of the client interfaces
AGQL - Supercell - COC WebAPI Implementation for the Clash of Clans Web API Interfaces
AGQL - Valve - CS:GO WebAPI Implementation for the Counter Strike Global Offensive Web API Interfaces
AGQL - Valve - Dota 2 WebAPI Implementation for the Dota 2 Web API Interfaces
AGQL - Valve - Source Query/Rcon An implementation of the Valve Source Query/Rcon Protocol
AGQL - Valve - Steam Master Query A library containing classes which allow clients to communicate to the Steam Master Server
AGQL - Valve - Steam Web API An implementation for the Steam Web API Interfaces